Friday, December 13, 2013

Lego Story

        There once was a young lego man named Steve and he hated legos. All the other lego people were so confused of why he disliked legos and left him alone, leaving him an outcast. Even at school people left him alone, even though no one was being mean to him. He felt as if he was being bullied. He went to his parents to ask why he hated legos so much and why people treated him so differently because of it. his parents revealed to him that he was, in fact, not a lego person at all, but a Duplo person. He was a big block person with no future of creativity with its big bulky appearance. He immediately stared crying plastic tears, as the shock of being a inferior lego series set into his plastic brain. He couldn't take take the pain and decided to run away, he ran and he ran until he made his way to his promised land, Duplo Land. Where he can be free with his fellow Duplo people and create small boring structures with their big chunky blocks. There he found his real Duplo family with his Duplo brother and sister, and his Duplo Mom and Duplo Dad. They were reunited and happy, and there they lived happily ever after.

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